Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What is beautiful ???

Beautiful means of very high standard and to me the thing that is beautiful is the people helping each other around the world and not let anyone down because there is people around the world that needs help and also people needs to team up and make the world a better place . Its beautiful when you see a person who needs help and is struggling with things and another person tags along and helps that person out because there is people who doesn't have money or food or even a place to stay and to them when someone gives that person money or food they are really happy and blessed and seeing that is beautiful and a good thing to do . Everyone should be happy around the world and seeing people that is not happy and that is hurting makes me feel bad and also makes me think a lot because if I rich or had something where I had a lot of money , I would go around the streets and look for those people who needs help and also needs money for things . People needs to make this world a better place to live and help around for those people who needs help and also make the world where everyone is happy and not mad or sad about things . But the things that is beautiful to me is truly when people is helping each other and not fighting or killing each other around the world .
Image result for a picture of man helping out homeless

Friday, October 23, 2015

What interests me

The things that interests me in life is how people can be anything they want when they get older , they just have to put their mind on it . The things that also interests me is how people can get scholarships for anything because going to San Diego State and seeing everything you can study for made me think a lot about life and how I can be anything . Growing up and seeing new things everyday made me realized I can be anything . College is something that really interest me because ever since I was little I always told my parents I'm going to be someone in life and I want to go somewhere with my basketball skills or football . Having San Diego State talking to me about their school and basketball made me interest of going their and playing basketball for my Country . If I go to San Diego State I'm going to take classes to be doctor or something where I can have my own company and start something . College is something I'm looking forward to going and being in because my number 1 goals is to go to college and show my family and everyone that I did it and for those who didn't trust me I won't be talking to even if they need something .

Another thing that interest me is my family and how I'm blessed that God pick me to be with them . I love how every time I'm going threw something their always there for me . The reason why they interest me because there's a total of 7 kids, there's 3 boys and 4 girls and the thing that I can't wait is to see my whole family being educated  and being someone in life . I want to make it for my family and I also want them to be proud and even though we had hard times going up that we can get back on our feet and do better in life . The thing  that interests me about my family is that even though I messed up last year , my family still has trust for me about school and sports and are not quick to give up on me . I'm blessed that my family pushed me into the person I am today because if they didn't care I would be in and out of jail just like the people I grew up around with . I'm blessed for who I am till this day because my family raised a child who never gives up , works hard , and chases his dream . These are two things that mostly interests me in my life right now .